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At Woody's Fireplace we believe that the products we sell are part of what defines us as a business.  We choose the products that we sell based on a reputation of quality and customer satisfaction among consumers.  Check out the links below to see the products we have available.

Mendota specializes in high quality high efficiency gas fireplaces and inserts.  They have some of the heaviest built and high efficiency gas fireplaces available.  That combined with the incredible looks they achieve with their log and burner assemblies makes them a favored brand of gas fireplaces and inserts.

Fireplace Xtrordinair features many of the more innovative designs found in the hearth industry.  This product line is made by Travis Industries who also makes the Avalon product we sell.  Many of the decorative features in the Avalon line are interchangeable with products in the Fireplace Xtrordinair line.

Fireplace Xtrordinair is a premium manufacturer of gas and wood burning fireplaces.  They have many creative designs available in both modern/contemporary and classic designs.  This product line allows you to fully customize the look of you fireplace to suit any decor.
Avalon is a sister product to Fireplace Xtrordinair.  Many of the same gas appliances are available in the Avalon line but with a different set of decorative options available.  The Avalon line does also have a great selection of pellet stoves and wood burning stoves and inserts featuring Travis Industries' exclusive GreenStart electronic ignition system for wood burning appliances.  Click the link below to see what GreenStart is all about.

Alaska stove company has been a trusted and experienced local coal stove manufacturer since 1977.  If you have a heating bill that is getting hard to handle coal is usually the perfect way to get it under control.  There are many types of coal stoves in the Alaska line.  They produce everything from simple basement model coal stoves to large coal furnaces and even more decorative and smaller coal stoves for living spaces.  We also carry a complete stock of parts for Alaska coal stoves both old and new.  Often times the investment of a coal stoker can pay for itself in less than two years with what you would have paid for oil, propane, or electric heat.

Jotul is known for making some of the highest quality cast iron available.  They specialize in cast iron gas and wood burning stoves.  They also make some excellent wood burning inserts and their new F50TL Rangeley and F55 Carrabassett steel stoves that are made completely in the U.S.A.

Jotul quality has become almost legendary over their 155+ years of business.  They also have a very strong environmental commitment.  Through the use of mostly recycled iron and hydro-electric power their foundry in Norway is one of the cleanest functioning cast iron foundries in the world.

Check out these and other products on the Jotul website.  Just click the logo.

Kozy Heat has a very diverse range of hearth products available.  They are mainly a manufacturer of gas stoves and fireplaces of many types but also feature some wood burning fireplaces.  Kozy Heat product often tends to price lower than many of our other products making it a great choice for contractors or homeowners on a budget.  We also have a great track record with reliability on the Kozy Heat products we sell.

St. Croix makes a dependable quality line of pellet and multi-fuel stoves.  Their Versa-Grate and Revolution burn pot systems are among the best in the industry for complete combustion and ease of maintenance.  The new Smart Scan system makes hopper fires nearly impossible by turning off the stove if the burn pot starts filling up too much (usually caused by blockage in the air intake or exhaust).  And, like most of the products sold at Woody's Fireplace, St. Croix stoves are made in the U.S.A.

In addition to these quality stoves and fireplaces we also carry the accessories and other products listed below -
Thermo-Rite - A full product line of fireplace doors in many different price ranges for masonry or zero clearance fireplaces.

David Kimberly - A high end product line of custom fabricated masonry fireplace doors.  These are made with a heavy angle-iron frame to last a lifetime.

Rutland Products - Rutland makes a wide variety of products including cleaning products and tools, adhesives, gaskets, cements, brushes, and many other things.

Grand Mantel Inc. - A great quality line of semi-custom woodwork and fireplace facings.  Their Mantel Mates tile and granite surround kits make it easy to finish off any fireplace project.

Collinswood Designs - Collinswood is a high-end wood mantel manufacturer who makes most of their woodwork out of solid hard wood, not veneered panels.

Dura-Vent - Dura-Vent makes a wide variety of types of vent pipe for many applications.  Whether you need a class A chimney system, pellet vent pipe, or gas direct vent pipe Dura-Vent probably makes it.

Bernard Dalsin Manufacturing - We carry many single wall stainless steel chimney lining components made by this company.  We also have some decorative caps for gas direct vent inserts from their product line.

Forest Paint - The Makers of Stove Bright high temperature stove paint and many other chemical products for stove and fireplace needs.
Rasmussen is a premium manufacturer of gas log sets of all types.  They also make the Solaire grill line, which is a complete line of outdoor kitchen products.  Their gas log line is quite extensive, with styles to suit every taste and even the ability to do custom log sets for unique or special fireplaces.  (Please note: Woody's Fireplace does not carry or sell any vent-free product.  We support the entire Rasmussen line with the exception of their vent-free logs.)